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Camping Ethics

Definition of Ethics – moral principles or code. How do you rate your camping ethics?


bc parks operators

Do you have a question you need answered while staying in any of our parks?  Look for this badge and our park operators would be happy to help!


  • Provincial campgrounds are protected areas under government legislation.
  • Pets are welcome in front-country campground areas with the exception of park day-use and beaches. (Don’t forget to bring your leash along as its required to have your pet on a leash while visiting the park).
  • Park Operators supply firewood for a fee. (Vegetation in the park, whether dead or alive is an important part of the ecosystem and should never be collected and burned for firewood). Restricted burning hours may be in effect in some parks.
  • Noise from stereos and voices etc. travels very easily across the campground. (Remember your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, quiet time is from 10:00pm – 7:00am to ensure that all campers enjoy their stay. What does quiet time mean? No generators, music or loud talking).
  • Feeding wildlife causes more harm than good. (Once wildlife has been fed by humans it may become dependent on people food and garbage).
  • Bears may be seen occasionally within the campground and could be attracted to your campsite if food or garbage is left out. (Its very important to keep a clean camp, don’t leave food or garbage out on your site or in your tent. Keep food and garbage in your camper or vehicle trunk) remember a fed bear is a dead bear!!
  • If you’re planning to do a little fishing its required to have your BC angling license.
  • Removing, picking or damaging flowers, trees, shrubs and even rocks from a park is illegal. (These things are all part of the ecosystem that makes each park unique).
  • Vehicles, camping gear and tents must be kept on the gravel or paved part of your campsite. (this is to protect sensitive vegetation surrounding your camping area. It helps to keep the campground looking natural!).
  • When you park your vehicle in the park it must be in a designated spot, not along roadsides. (this will help protect plants and vegetation along the roadside).
  • Guests are more than welcome to visit while your staying at the park. (Remember gates close at 10:00 pm and unregistered guests must be out of the park).
  • If you choose to drink liquor such as beer, wine or spirits it must be consumed on your campsite. (parks are public places just like the streets in your community).
  • All terrain vehicles (ATV’s) licensed for use on BC’s highways may be operated on campground roadways. No off-road use is acceptable within a Provincial Park. Drive with care and please obey posted speed limits.
  • Generators help to bring conveniences to your camping experience! However, keep in mind that generator use can be bothersome to others. Generator use is permitted between 9am-11am and 6pm – 8pm. Generators must be placed on a designated camping pad, not on surrounding vegetation
  • For more information on BC Parks rules and regulations, please visit thew following website: