Project Description

A 13 kilometer trail from Rosebery to Three Forks. Very well maintained. I found if you’re not able to do the whole trail start at New Denver and either take the trail to Rosebery (about 1-2 hrs.) or take the trail to Three Forks (2-3 hrs.) The trail is fairly easy and is great for a bike ride that’s just challenging enough for beginners. On the way to Three Forks there is a cable car to cross Carpenter Creek. You have to pull yourself across but it is very safe and loads of fun. From Three Forks there is a trail heading towards Sandon. an abandoned ghost town well worth the journey or you can drive there. There are occasional picnic stops with outhouses nearby. You can also see some of an abandoned mine just across the cable car. There is also a bit of some free ride bike trails diverging off the main Galena trail.


In Rosebery head into the town and it is on the main little street.

In New Denver to head towards Rosebery either go north towards Nakusp on highway 6 and the trail is on your left a short ways up.

Or you can head on highway 31a east towards Kaslo and at Atlantic Street there is a small residential communtiy and a trail parking lot. If you cross the highway the trail will be there.

This same parking lot is used to head towards Three Forks on the trail

Pack a little pic-nic and this can be a day excursion.