Project Description

Over the past years rock-climbing in the Revelstoke has grown extensively. Today climbers can enjoy 14 different climbing areas, 46 developed cliffs, 304 routes (sport and mixed) and a total of 444 great pitches. The shortest sport routes can be found at the Drive-In with 15 meters in height, while the longest climbs are The Noose and The Last Tango on the 450 vertical meter high Columbia Buttress, each route 16 pitches.

Though most climbs are sport routes, there are many routes where climbers need traditional gear in addition to clipping bolts. It is no question that the Begbie Bluffs, Shaketown, Drive-In and the Blanket Creek areas are the most popular crags in Revelstoke.

Revelstoke Rock Climbing

Get more information on this site.  There are many climbing areas, one even resides within walking distance of Blanket Creek Provincial Park!